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Now You can beat smoking!

In as quick as a few days or a few weeks you can be on your way to becoming smoke free by getting personalized help from a dedicated quit-coach.

Hi. I'm Lee Bracey

I want to be your new quit-coach

I was a 2-pack a-day smoker for over 20 years. I haven't smoked in over a decade and now I teach others how to give up cigarettes quickly and with less effort. Quitting smoking is easy using this 4-step plan that I share with my clients.

4 Week Program

There is a lot to cover in order to quit smoking easily. Luckily the lessons are all super short and direct to the point. Each session only takes between 5-15 minutes. It's what I call micro-content.

1-on 1 Coaching

You and I will meet a minimum of 16 sessions (3 to 5 per week) so that I can be certain of your success. I'll be able to give you the personal attention you need to stay on track with your new quit-goals.

Spaces are limited

Save your spot

Because of the 1-on-1 personal nature of this program, I simply cannot work with a large number of people. Sacrificing quality for quantity is not my coaching style. I give the personal attention my coaching clients deserve. For this reason I MUST limit the number of clients I work with. Are you ready?

now is the time for you to be

Finally Free

Let's face it...You're tired of being a slave to cigarettes. You're tired of the smell. You're tired of the expense. You're tired of the health risks. Smoking SUCKS and you know it. It's time to leave smoking in your past. You can do this. I believe in you.

4 weeks of coaching
16 Private coaching sessions + all bonuses


This is an amazing offer at a great price.

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Successful client


"Coaching was just what I was looking for. I tried for years to quit on my own but just just couldn't get past the goal line. Coaching helped get me there fast."

Henry C., Torrance, CA

"I didn't even think I was addicted to smoking until I tried to quit. Again and again. Seems like everything triggered me. Getting a coach really helped me see where the obstacles were so we could remove them from my life."

Deborah P., Matthews, NC

"I was hooked. I made some poor lifestyle choices and just couldn't seem to kick the habit. Most of my friends smoke so they were no help. I work 60+ hours a week and barely had time for myself. Finding a coach that fit my schedule made all the difference in the world to my success. "

Bobby N., Blissfield,MI

if not now,


It's no secret what smoking is doing every day to your body and your health. How long will you go on hoping all of the medical statistics you hear about magically skip over you? You are putting yourself at risk daily. You are taking precious years away from family and friends. You've been thinking about quitting for years. You know it's right. You need to ask yourself, seriously, "Why haven't I came up with a quit-plan yet"? Now is the time to do it. I'll help you. No more excuses. Become my next success story. Greatness is in you.

Now Through December 31st You Can Save $1,000 Off Of The 4-Week Coaching Plan. Only 30 Spots Available. Get Them Before They Are Gone! Use Coupon Code: 1KWINTER

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